What’s the Difference Between a Coupe and Sedan?

Many Long Island City drivers think that the difference between a coupe and sedan is that coupes have two doors and sedans have four doors. While this is generally true, auto manufacturers are now borrowing once distinctive characteristics of a car design and using it in other classifications, resulting in what the auto industry is calling “four-door coupes.” So how would you recognize the difference between a coupe and a sedan? Major World is here to help. Learn more about coupe vs. sedan below, and contact us if you have any questions.

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Coupe vs. Sedan: Size

One constant rule between a sedan vs. coupe is their size. A coupe feels more intimate and private for your Queens drives, while a sedan can accommodate several more people. Let’s look at how the sedan vs. coupe stack up in size:

  • Passenger Space: Sedans usually offer seating for five people with more head and legroom. A coupe has a shorter body and typically only seat two people.
  • Interior Volume: The cutoff is 33 cubic feet of interior volume. Sedans almost always have more than 33 cubic feet, and coupes normally have less.
  • Cargo Area: When evaluating a coupe vs. sedan, note that sedans are longer, so they naturally provide more cargo space. If cargo space is a priority for your Brooklyn lifestyle, a sedan is probably best for you.

Other Differences Between Coupes and Sedans

In addition to the difference in interior size, there are other common differences between these two types of cars.

  • Exterior Style: The body styles of coupes vs. sedans are quite different. The shorter stature of the coupe includes longer doors and longer rear windows, which helps provide a sportier look. But sedans tend to emphasize luxury styling with shorter doors.
  • Performance: The smaller dimensions of a coupe usually means a lighter and sportier performance. Sedans often compensate for their increased weight and size with more engine options and suspension upgrades.

Coupe vs. Sedan: The Bottom Line

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Sedans, such as the Toyota Camry, might be a better fit for your larger family, or if you need additional cargo space for your drives out to Bronx. But If you prefer sportier handling and cargo space doesn’t matter much, then a coupe, such as the Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro, may be right for you.

Compare the Coupe vs. Sedan at Major World

Now that you know the difference between a coupe and sedan, we invite you to Major World to get behind the wheel. Major World in Long Island City, Queens has an extensive inventory of both styles. You can start the car buying process by completing a finance application and reaching out to us today!

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