How to Connect to Nissan Bluetooth

Luckily, for many Queens drivers who own a used Nissan car, they can enjoy the practical and handy feature of the Nissan Bluetooth. Not sure how to connect to Nissan Bluetooth? Major World is here to guide you on Bluetooth phone pairing, so you can upgrade your experience driving down the Brooklyn streets. At any time of the Bluetooth pairing process, feel free to call us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Nissan infotainment system - connect to Nissan bluetooth example

Connect to Nissan Bluetooth: Phone Pairing

Whether you have an Apple iPhone or an Android, you can easily complete the Bluetooth phone pairing with these instructions:

    1. First, go to “settings” and locate Bluetooth. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth if you haven’t already.
    2. If your Nissan car has a navigation system, press the phone button on your car audio system. Next, click on “connect” and then “connect new device.” However, if your car doesn’t have navigation, press the enter/setting button on your Nissan. Click on “bluetooth” and then “add phone.”
    3. Turn your attention back to your phone again. Go to “settings” then “bluetooth” and select MY-CAR.
    4. Now, you should see a PIN on both your phone and your Nissan. If they are the same number, you can accept the pairing request on your phone.

Your phone pairing is complete now and you can enjoy using it in all of your future rides in Bronx!

Troubleshooting Connecting to Your Bluetooth for Nissan

Did you follow the steps on how to connect to Nissan Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth phone pairing didn’t work? Major World has some steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure there are no nearby devices with Bluetooth on as that is the most common reason why Bluetooth pairing doesn’t work.
  • Have your phone close to the system in your Nissan vehicle for the most signal strength.
  • Is your phone on a low battery? Charge it and try to connect to Nissan Bluetooth again once it has more power.

Tried these steps and your phone still can’t connect? Come down to Major World’s service center and our professionals can help you out.

Find the Perfect Used Nissan at Major World

Now you know more about Nissan Bluetooth, learn more about other helpful Nissan technology in our used vehicles in Long Island CityContact us for more information and we are eager to tell you all about the available technologies!

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