What does Hyundai Mean?

Hyundai Meaning

“Hyundai” is a Korean word that translates to “modernity” in English. It was originally chosen in 1947 along with the founding of the Hyundai construction company (now Hyundai Heavy) in South Korea. Keeping up with the original message, the Hyundai Motor Company’s current slogan, “New Thinking, New Possibilities,” was chosen to represent the company’s overall mission and continue the Hyundai meaning.

Hyundai Steering Wheel with chrome logo bade close up

What’s the Correct Pronunciation of “Hyundai?”

Typically, across the United States, you can hear the brand Hyundai pronounced so it rhymes with Sunday, however, you’ll also hear other locals or even commercials pronounce it “high-UN-dye.” While the proper pronunciation is “hun-day”, with the “y” being clearly pronounced, we’ll know you’re talking about these reliable cars when you stop into our Brooklyn-area dealership.

What’s the Meaning Behind the Hyundai Logo?

At first glance, the Hyundai logo seems like a simple, modern-looking silver letter “H,” however, there are additional meanings attached to it. The slanted “H” hints back to it’s name meaning as the tilt to the right suggests an active, forward-thinking motion as opposed to a more passive tone if it was leaning left. Some other hidden logo meanings include:

  • The logo also represents a silhouette of two people shaking hands. This further highlights the Hyundai commitment to customer satisfaction and teamwork.
  • It also invokes the classic image of a salesperson and a shopper striking a deal.
  • The silver oval encircling the hand-shakers can also symbolize intent to share the car brand with Long Island City drivers and drivers across the world.

Get Your Questions Answered with Major World!

Explore the ways Hyundai lives up to its name meaning by taking a look at the Hyundai models in our inventory for versatile cars and SUVs with a host of interior technology. If you have any questions about the car buying process, we have many car buying guides from how to buy a used car to what is MSRP to paying off a car loan early. The team at Major World is committed to helping you find the right car, so you can get back on Bronx streets.

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