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Buying a new luxury car is out of the realm of reality for most of us, with sticker prices that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, if you start to look at pre-owned luxury cars, like those we offer at Major World, there are deals for many different budgets. If you want a pre-owned luxury car, let’s review what you should look for when you go shopping.

Most luxury cars are full-size sedans, and can be heavy. This is not the time to scrimp on horsepower, since an underpowered luxury car will probably end up being a disappointment. Turbocharging will also improve performance, but make sure you have the power you need to give you a luxury car experience. On the other hand, remember that exotic V-10 or V-12 engines will have higher maintenance costs than a V-8, so keep this in mind as you shop.

Luxury car owners appreciate the fine interior appointments found in their cars. You too can enjoy the luxury car look and feel, with fine leather seating surfaces, quality carpets, real wood trim, and other luxury materials like carbon fiber or exotic metals. If technology is your thing, a luxury car typically includes premium audio systems with multiple speakers and subwoofers, satellite radio, multiple driver modes that reset steering and transmission responses for sport or comfort driving, and special dashboard lighting and infotainment interfaces.

Exterior designs of luxury cars usually follow their flagship models, so you can recognize a brand at a glance. Some things to look for in exterior features include high-viability headlights, fog lights, auto-dimming mirrors, good quality brakes, and luxury features such as self-closing trunks and even doors. Less visible but important features include safety engineering in the vehicle design. Airbags and crumple zone construction to reduce impact energy are common in late-model luxury cars, but look for additional technology in safety features such as adaptive cruise control, vehicle stability systems, traction control, brake assist, hill start control, and antilock brakes. You might also want to look for rearview camera’s, blind spot monitoring, backup collision warning, cross-traffic alert, pedestrian alerts, and emergency collision avoidance braking. These features are always working to protect you and your passengers, so look for vehicles that have them within your budget.

Now that you have the basics of luxury car shopping in hand, come to Major World and let us show you our extensive inventory of luxury vehicles at very affordable prices, including Mercedes-Benz AMG® models. You don’t have to be rich to own a great luxury vehicle from Major World in Long Island City, Queens.

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