Buying a Pre-Owned Mercedes SUV: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re buying your first used Mercedes SUV or your sixth, information is power. Which model fits you best? Which engine should you opt for? What should you know about transmission options in a used Mercedes SUV? Do you want a pre-owned hybrid Mercedes-Benz? There’s a lot to consider. 

Read this Major World article to become an expert on purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz SUV— and ensure you avoid regrets and end up with the perfect Merc for you. 

Preparing to Buy Your First Used Mercedes SUV

If you’re new to Mercedes ownership or buying a used Mercedes SUV for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Owning a Mercedes-Benz is a unique experience and a privilege in a sense. One of the oldest and perhaps most prestigious brands in the world, Mercedes has a long and proud history of stunning innovations, thrilling motorsports victories, and uncompromising quality and beauty. They also have, arguably, the biggest, most diverse SUV lineup of ANY manufacturer. 

But, if you’re reading this — you don’t need to be sold on the brand, you’re already there. Instead, you will want practical tips to help you choose the right low-mileage used Mercedes SUB for you. That’s where Major World comes in. We’ve been selling hand-selected used Mercedes SUVs, sedans, and Coupes since we began, so, take advantage of our experience!

Which Small Mercedes SUV is Right for You?


The Mercedes GLA is small and nimble. Seats 4 adults comfortably. 221 hp turbo engine (302 hp in the AMG version).Great for commuting and city driving. 


The Mercedes GLB is a good choice if you want a small athletic luxury SUV – but you need the convenience of 3rd row seating. Shares the 221 hp turbo 2.0 liter with the GLA. 


The Mercedes GLC is Mercedes’ biggest small SUV. It brings a little more of everything. More power, more luxury, and some more interior room. Offers 255 hp from a turbo 2.0 liter with hybrid assist. 

GLC Coupe:

The Mercedes GLC Coupe is a sleek, fastback version of the GLC for those who want a small luxury SUV with svelte and slim car-like lines. 


Which Mid-Sized Mercedes SUV Feels Right?



The Mercedes GLE SUV is probably our best-selling used Mercedes SUV here at Major World. The “Goldilocks” Benz SUV is just the right size for families or anyone who expects to carry adult passengers regularly. If you’re confused about where it fits in the lineup, it used to be called the M-Class (ML320, etc.). Generous cabin size with 3rd-row seating, but still very maneuverable and will fit in most garages or parking spots no problem. Three engine options. 255 hp turbo-4, 375 hp turbo-6 or 510 hp twin-turbo V8. 

GLE Coupe:

Another of Mercedes’ unique coupe-style SUVs. This is the weapon of choice for the driver who wants commanding SUV ride height and performance — but with the sleek, wind-cheating fastback lines of a coupe. 


Full-Size Used Mercedes SUVs For Those Who Want it All


The flagship SUV from Mercedes is the GLS SUV. Features a spacious, luxurious cabin where even 3rd-row passengers enjoy ample legroom. Amazing audio options and impressive technology abound here. Possibly the greatest family transportation ever devised. Both the potent 375 hp turbo-6 and muscular 510 hp twin-turbo V8 are more than up to the task at hand.

G-Class SUV:

The legendary G-wagon got its first major top-to-bottom redesign in 2018 believe it or not. While the latest G-Glass SUV retains the rugged, boxy looks of the OG — it’s infinitely more civilized, roomy, and comfortable than before. You still get the apocalypse-ready 4WD capabilities — except now the handling, ride, and amenities are up to 21st-century luxury standards. You really can have it all. The current G-Class comes equipped with a robust, twin-turbo V8 pushing 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque through all 4 wheels. 


What to Look For When Purchasing a Used or Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz

At Major World, we follow a rigorous multi-point inspection protocol before we allow any vehicle into our inventory. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll get a low-mileage used Mercedes SUV that’s been thoroughly inspected.

Beyond that, there are some other things you should think about or look for in your used Mercedes SUV before you decide.

They include:

  • Maintenance Records: It’s always nice to have a paper trail showing maintenance was done properly and on time. 
  • Option Packages: Every used Mercedes SUV we sell at Major World comes well-equipped — but even a Mercedes’ still has options. If your heart is set on something specific, like 4Matic or a certain sound system, be sure to check the vehicle you want to buy has it.
  • Consider Colors: Black looks gorgeous of course — when it’s clean and buffed up, but black vehicles require extra care to keep looking nice. If you don’t think you will want to look after the paint with extra TLC or get your used Benz SUV detailed regularly — think about getting white, silver, or another lighter color that’s easier to keep looking like new. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Used Mercedes SUV

Which Used Mercedes SUV for a Commuting Executive?

For the commuting executive, we like the Mercedes GLC and GLE SUVs. Plenty of luxury and tech and both offer powerful engines, but they’re still easy to maneuver and park. If you’ve got generous parking available and want the ultimate, no-compromise Mercedes SUV, then it has to be the GLS or G-Class SUV of course.

Which Used Mercedes SUV for a Small Family?

A used GLB SUV is affordable and safe and the 3rd-row seating will work well if you have 1-2 smaller children. If you have 2 or more kids who are approaching high school age, consider moving up to the GLE SUV to ensure you’ve got plenty of space. 

Which Used Mercedes SUV for a Growing Family?

For a fast-growing family (either in number or size, or both) Major World recommends starting with the Mercedes GLE SUV — if you need more room for those in the 3rd row though, the GLS SUV is what you want. 

Which Used Mercedes SUV for a Younger Driver?

Need a safe vehicle for your high school or college-bound son or daughter? A low-mileage used GLA or GLB SUV is perfect. Do they need to bring more friends along? Consider a step up to the GLE. 


Come and Test Drive a Pre-Owned Mercedes SUV at Major World Today

You really can’t go wrong with a pre-owned or used Mercedes SUV. If you appreciate the finer things — there is no better way to enjoy them than buying a used luxury SUV from Major World. Let someone else take the depreciation hit while you reap the rewards. 

Find your perfect match in our inventory of used luxury SUVs right here on our online search portal before you visit. Our no-nonsense financing process is the best in the business. You can even pre-qualify yourself right now to save yourself time and it won’t impact your credit.

Don’t settle for less than the very best inventory of pre-owned full-size trucks in Long Island. You deserve the Major World standard of customer care. Give us a call now at (866) 614-2884.

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