What is Mercedes-Benz AMG®?

If you’re in Queens or Brooklyn and searching for a luxurious car that highlights superior performance, handling, and design, then take a look at the Mercedes-Benz AMG® models for sale at Major World. The AMG® trim of Mercedes-Benz vehicles upgrades a vehicle’s power, so take a look in our inventory and you may just find a Mercedes-Benz AMG® SUV or sedan that you love!

What Does “AMG®” Stand For?

AMG® is an acronym that highlights the initials of the three Mercedes-Benz engineers who devised this model enhancement over 50 years ago. Their names were Aufrecht and Melcher, and the final letter stands for Großaspach, which is the hometown of Aufrecht. Originally, the two engineers just wanted to create racing engines for the Mercedes-Benz lineup of vehicles, and after some years, their breakthrough led to the AMG® performance division! Now, many Mercedes-Benz models come available in an AMG® trim that upgrades the vehicle’s performance, design, and technology for the ultimate driving experience.

AMG® Performance Features

Here are just some of the performance features you get in a Mercedes-Benz that’s upgraded with an AMG® trim:

  • AMG® high-performance braking system
  • AMG RIDE CONTROL® Sport suspension
  • Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® all-wheel drive
  • Selectable driving modes

AMG® Design

Not only are the performance capabilities in an AMG® model upgraded, but the designs of the vehicles are overhauled as well. Here are some design features available in AMG® models:

  • An AMG®-inspired cockpit providing a real racing feel with its aluminum shift paddles
  • Enlarged vents on the AMG® Front Apron to increase airflow to the engine and create more power
  • Authoritative twin power domes on the hood
  • A wide stance and tires to allow for high-performance handling
  • A rear diffuser that enhances the design and allows for better airflow

Mercedes-Benz AMG® SUVs, Sedans, And Coupes

Although the AMG® trims mimic racecar-like design and performance, there are many varieties of vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup that can be upgraded to AMG® configurations. Alongside Mercedes-Benz AMG® SUVs, sedans, and coupes, you can also find AMG® trims for these types of Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

  • Convertibles
  • Wagons
  • Roadsters

Find Mercedes-Benz AMG® for Sale at Major World

Think a Mercedes-Benz AMG® model is right for you? Come to Major World and take a look at our available inventory of Mercedes-Benz vehicles – including our used Mercedes-Benz C-Class models. We’re located in Long Island City, which is just a short drive from Bronx and Jersey City, so stop by today! Contact us for more information on our lineup of used vehicles, and be sure to schedule a test drive with us as soon as possible!

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