What is the Chip Shortage?

We at Major World will answer questions, such as “Are Chevys reliable”, “Are Chevys good cars” and “Are Chevy trucks reliable?” because Queens drivers deserve to know. These are critical questions to consider when shopping with us at Major World near Brooklyn. Read on to learn more about the reliability of our Chevy models, and then be sure to schedule a test drive or get approved for financing with us today.

Are Chevy’s Reliable?

Are Chevy trucks reliable? We at Major World near Bronx feel as though results speak for themselves. Last year, Chevy models received three “Dependability” awards from J.D. Power. This year alone, Chevy received 6 awards from J.D. Power in addition to getting nominated as the third most reliable vehicle brand of 2022. To top all of that, the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTD and the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD has been nominated for high quality awards as well.

Do Chevy Cars, Trucks, & SUVs Hold Their Value Over Time?

Do Chevy vehicles hold up over time? Once again, allow the highest class of automotive experts tell you about how Chevy models depreciate:

  • According to KBB.com, the 2022 Chevy Silverado HD truck line offers better resale value than any other heavy-duty truck this year.
  • Caredge.com reports that the Corvette has better resalWhat is the Chip Shortage for cars? What is causing the chip shortage? To briefly summarize the predicament Queens dealers and customers face, most technology products use semiconductor chips to operate properly, from your cell phone to your washing machine to your vehicle. During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people were buying devices that used semiconductor chips more exponentially, causing a chip shortage for cars and plenty of other vehicles.

    This chip shortage is causing delays on everything to car sales to the release of the latest technology innovations. While semiconductor chips are in many products sold in Brooklyn stores, the automotive industry was hit the hardest by the shortage. There are signs of improving, but in the meantime you can rely on our team at Major World to secure the vehicle you need at an appropriate price. You can also visit our service center if you need assistance with any maintenance issues.

    Why Is There a Chip Shortage?

    The chip shortage was caused by an increase in demand of products that contain semiconductor chips. When the chip supply could no longer meet the market demand, each product either had to halt production or increase prices. Generally the automotive industry was hit the hardest by the shortage.

    Part of the reason the car chip is suffering due to the amount of time it takes to produce and the specific process requires a pristine environment to ensure no dust or dirt accidentally lands on the chip and causes problem. Semiconductor chips are incredibly small and are extremely complicated to build. The coronavirus pandemic also created further complication in the production process. All of these reasons and more created the car chip supply issue.

    How Long Will the Chip Shortage Last?

    The good news is that the automotive chip shortage is expected to come to an end relatively soon. While we don’t know when it will officially end, the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions have allowed productions to continue at pre-pandemic levels. As production levels catch up to market demands, more vehicles will find their way on showroom floors.

    Find a Used Vehicle at Major World

    When you’re ready to find a used vehicle for you, be sure to find us at Major World near Bronx today. We hope to get you behind the wheel of a great vehicle as soon as possible, so make sure to browse our used vehicle specials as well.e value after 7 years than any other vehicle on the market.

  • Furthermore, the Corvette is said to rank 4th out of all models when it comes to resale value after 5 years.

Now that you know a little more about how our Chevy vehicles hold up on the resale market, be sure to give us a visit whenever you are ready to get the car-buying process started.

Upgrade Your Bronx Commute with a New Chevy

While you may understand that Chevy vehicles are good vehicles and are incredible reliable, it is another thing to actually drop by our dealership at Major World and see these cars, trucks, and SUVs in person. If you have further questions, be sure to check out our service tips or our car buying tips to equip yourself with as much as knowledge as possible.

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