The 10 Steps to Buying a Used Car

Are you located in Queens or Brooklyn and in search of a reliable and affordable used car, truck, or SUV? Major World is proud to be home to an extensive inventory of over 1,000 pre-owned vehicles and we’re dedicated to helping you find the best choice for your budget and needs. Learn about the 10 steps to buying a used car so you know you’re getting the right vehicle for the right price, then read our blog on which questions to ask before you buy a new car!

How to Buy a Used Car

There are 10 steps to buying a used car we think every consumer should be aware in order to most effectively make the right purchase. Let’s take a look at the 10 steps to buying a used car below:

    1. Know your budget and stick to it: First up on our list is a fairly simple suggestion. Most people who are looking for a used vehicle are doing so because it is a much more affordable option than new models. This means that you likely have a budget you can afford, and so before you begin to look at any vehicle, you need to know how much you can comfortably spend on one. We suggest you be modest with your budget and save some money for any repairs or maintenance down the line. It’s also important to figure out if you want to pay by cash or opt for outside or in-house financing.
    2. Choose the vehicle that’s right for you: Once you have a budget, now it’s time to start looking at available pre-owned vehicles that you can comfortably afford. But, what do you need the vehicle for? Will you need a truck for work purposes? Perhaps an SUV or minivan to haul the kids to and from school? Or, maybe you just need a simple sedan that can get you from your home to your job every day. Whatever the case may be, know what you need, and find a car that suits those needs.
    3. Find the ownership costs of the vehicle: No matter what used car you get, and no matter what model year it’s from, it will have some wear and tear and could lead to costly maintenance in the future. So, it’s smart to take a look at resources like Kelley Blue Book to see how much a vehicle could cost you over the span of a handful of years. Factor this into your decision on which car best suits your needs and budget.
    4. Find used cars for sale near you: Well, if you live near Bronx or Jersey City, then we would have to suggest you come to Major World! Sure, we may be biased, but the incredible inventory here at our Long Island City dealership really has a vehicle that can meet every need and budget. With over 1,000 choices, you’re sure to find the right used vehicle for you!
    5. Learn the vehicle’s history: When buying a used vehicle, it’s always smart to know who was driving the car and how they were using it. Use resources like Carfax to try and get the history report of the vehicle you’ve had your eye on. A vehicle’s history can let you know whether or not it’s even worth buying in the first place.
    6. Get into contact with the seller: If things are going well and the car not only suits your budget and needs but also had a good history report, then it should be time to move forward and begin the actual process of buying the car. First, you’ll want to contact the seller and verify any and all information about the car. We suggest you ask a lot of questions about the car, and if everything sounds good, then move to the next step.
    7. Visit the seller and test drive the car: This is a vital step for any car-buying experience. While the car may look good online or come with the interior dimensions or gas mileage you desire, you still need to know that the vehicle is the right fit for you. So, take a test drive with it and note whether or not it drives well. Do the seats feel comfortable? Is it nice and clean on the inside? Take note of every detail you can when you drive it for the first time.
    8. Have the used vehicle inspected: As long as you think the car is in good condition and it drove well during the test drive, you should be able to move forward on it. At this point, it’s good to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic to see if there are any underlying issues. If the vehicle passes this test, you’re nearly ready to buy!
    9. Try to negotiate for a better deal: Not every dealer or seller may budge on their price for a pre-owned vehicle, but it doesn’t hurt to try and negotiate a better deal. Be knowledgeable about the car so you can try your hand at getting a better deal.
    10. Make a deal and sign for the car: Whether or not you could negotiate a better price, it’s now time to either accept or deny the deal on the car. If you are happy with the vehicle and the price the seller has offered, then close the deal! Choose to pay for the car up front, or apply for a loan to pay it off month-to-month.

Find Used Cars for Sale at Major World

Now that you know the 10 steps to buying a used car, check out the inventory of used vehicles for sale at Major World, or read about the ins and outs of insurance! Contact us for more information on any vehicle in our inventory, apply for financing online, and be sure to schedule a test drive today! And while you’re still here, get a history lesson on the world-famous Yankee Stadium right here in the Bronx.

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