The Top 10 Used Cars to Buy in 2024

More People Are Buying Used Cars in 2024

With new car prices in the stratosphere and many dealerships tagging on extra fees, lots of people are buying used cars in NJ and the NYC Metro area. Buying a used car is just practical. Let someone else take the depreciation hit and you get more value in return. With that, here are Major World’s top used cars to buy in 2024


Used Cars in Used Car Lot - TOP 10 USED CARS TO BUY IN 2023

Best Used Cars Less Than $10,000 

Not everyone is looking to drop 5 figures on their next car. We get it and we’ve got you covered. In fact. Major World has a search tool that makes it easy to dial in the used car under $10K you need. 

Here are some of our top picks for used cars under $10K:

Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 (2004-2008) 

The RAV4 is a favorite and they are known for lasting well beyond 200k. If you don’t mind a little older vehicle you can find a good one under $10K. 2005 and up are the sweet spot. That’s where the third generation begins. They have a 5-star crash safety rating from the NHTSA and they’re great on gas. 

Midsized SUV: Toyota Highlander (2000-2007)

The first gen Toyota Highlander is basically a Camry on steroids. That means it’s gonna last forever. There are still some out there with well under 200k on the clock. They’re safe and reliable and the AWD models do better in the snow than a lot of the smaller SUVs. 

Midsized Sedan: Ford Fusion (2012-2018)

The Ford Fusion is a sleek-looking, roomy midsized sedan with great safety features and the EcoBoost engine delivers 34 mpg highway with enough low-end torque to punch through traffic. It’s really tough to beat at this price point. 

Also Consider:

We usually have a nice selection of newer Jeep Liberty and Jeep Compass for just under $10k as well as some German luxury, believe it or not. In fact, we have a gorgeous 2008 Mercedes C-Class C300 4MATIC for $7,995 at the time of publishing–don’t sleep on that one!

Best Used Cars Less Than $15,000 

If you’re willing to step it up a notch to the 15 grand mark, it opens up some nice options that are a bit newer and lower mileage. $15K is a good middle ground where you can still have a nice low monthly payment, but get a solid car with lower mileage.

Here are some of our top picks for used cars under $15K:

Small SUV: Honda CR-V (2012-2016) 

The Honda CR-V is tough to beat when it comes to small crossovers. They fly off of our lot. Customers love the nimble Honda handling combined with the SUV ride height. They’re safe, they look great and the CR-Vs also sip gas getting as much as 31 mpg. 

Midsized SUV: Ford Explorer (2010-2018)

$15,000 gets you into a nice 5th-generation Ford Explorer—including the 2016+ model that looks like a Range Rover. It’s ultra-safe with a 5-star overall crash test rating from the NHTSA. It’s also got a nice range of engine options up to the twin-turbo V6 with 365 horsepower. 

Luxury Car: Hyundai Genesis 3.8 RWD (2010-2016)

A luxury car, for under $15K? Absolutely. Luxury cars depreciate faster than anything else early on, so you can drive something really nice for a great price. The Hyundai Genesis has the smooth rear-wheel drive push of a true luxury sedan. It also gives you almost 300 hp on regular gas.

Also Consider:

We usually have a nice selection of Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima as well as Dodge RAMs, and other full-size trucks for just under $15K

Best Used Cars Less Than $25,000 

Here’s where things start to get really interesting. The $25K mark gets you into anything from a Chevy Bolt EV electric vehicle to a low-mileage Lexus NX 300 SUV. There’s a lot to like in this price segment and you still get a lower payment than almost any new car out there. 

Electric Vehicle: Chevrolet Bolt EV (2018-2021)

EV’s are red-hot right now and Major World has them in stock. The Chevy Bolt EV has won numerous awards from Motor Trend Car of the Year to Car & Drivers 10 Best. It has 259 miles of range and 266 ft-lbs of torque on tap to cut through traffic like a scalpel. It does most of the Tesla tricks, but without the Tesla price tag and you can get parts and service at any Chevy dealership in America.  

Small Luxury SUV: Lexus NX300 (2014-2018)

Lexus SUVs are legendary for their winning combination of reliability and luxury. The Lexus NX 300 is a perfect daily driver for the NYC Metro. It’s comfortable and quick, you’ve got luxury left and right, SUV ride height for visibility. It’s got room for 5, yet, it’s small enough to parallel park quickly and effortlessly slip through holes in traffic. It’s like it was born to drive in NY and NJ. 

Midsized Luxury SUV: Audi Q7 3.0T Quattro (2012-2016)

The Audi Q7 3.0T Quattro is a luxury SUV you buy when you don’t want to give up sporty handling or sexy looks or… well anything. You’ve got responsive handling, 3-row seating, luxury galore, and legendary Quattro AWD for the weather. This is a beautiful vehicle that does it all really, really well.  

Also Consider:

We have tons of amazing used cars for under $25K. The list is too long to even put here. Suffice it to say, if you want it, we probably got it. Sportscars, Chevy Tahoes, Ford F-150s, Hybrids, and Luxury cars. You name it. Check our inventory and you’ll see or just come down and see us. 

Your Next Car is Waiting for You at Major World

Don’t wait until someone else scoops up the vehicle you’ve been looking for. Check out our massive inventory through our online search portal. Get pre-qualified for financing right here. Do you have questions about buying a used car near the NYC Metro Area? Major World has the answer. Give us a call now at (866) 614-2884.

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