What Is Good Mileage On A Used Car?

Are you on the market for an affordable and reliable used car near Brooklyn and Bronx wondering, “What is good mileage on a used car?” The experts at Major World, in Long Island City, can tell you that good mileage for used cars is typically seen as any vehicle with less than 100,000 miles. This isn’t always the case, as vehicles that are over 100,000 miles that have been well taken care of and maintained in that time could still be worth a purchase. Take into account the vehicle’s usage, location, condition, and mileage. Learn more with our guide to effectively finding quality used cars below!

The Smart Way to Shop for a Used Car

If you are shopping for used cars, there are some additional things to keep track of more than just the vehicle’s mileage:

  • Condition: If possible, have a certified mechanic inspect a used vehicle that you’re interested in in order to determine if there are any mechanical problems or issues with rust or corrosion. Figure the cost of any additional repairs or maintenance into your budget.
  • Usage: If a car is driven for 50,000 miles in stop-and-go traffic in a major city, then its parts will likely wear down much quicker than a vehicle that drove the same amount of miles on open highways. Try and secure the previous owner’s driving history before making the purchase.
  • Maintenance: It’s also important to gain knowledge of the maintenance history that a pre-owned vehicle has had in the past. A vehicle that has more miles but was maintained on a consistent basis could be a better choice than a vehicle with lesser miles but an inconsistent maintenance schedule.
  • Location: If the vehicle you have your eyes on was driven in a warmer and drier climate, then it likely has taken on less wear-and-tear than one that was driven in a cold and wet climate.

Mileage vs. Age

This may be news to you, but a newer vehicle that has a higher mileage racked up could actually be the superior choice to an older vehicle with less miles. Here are some additional factors you should keep an eye out for:

  • Low mileage vehicles often come with a higher price tag.
  • If a car hasn’t been driven very often, then it could have high repair costs. When a car isn’t driven regularly, then issues with rubber seals and gaskets as well as various mechanical malfunctions can crop up.
  • When a vehicle has a well-documented driving and maintenance history, this choice is often preferable to one that you don’t know much about.

It is worth taking a look at certified pre-owned models if you want an almost new and low-mileage vehicle.

Find Used Cars for Sale in Long Island City at Major World

Now that you know a good mileage for used cars, as well as many other tips and tricks to buying the best pre-owned vehicle possible, take a look at Major World’s selection of used vehicles, which includes a selection of those offered for less than $10,000! Once you’ve found the right model that you love, explore the dos and don’ts of insurance, then contact us and schedule a test drive as soon as possible! You won’t want to miss out on getting the car of your dreams!

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