The Best Used SUVs for Families

The Family SUV Revolution 

In the 50s,60s, and 70s, the humble station wagon was the family transportation of choice. Land yachts like the Ford Country Squire cruised American highways. Then came the minivan revolution led by the Dodge Caravan. American families loved minivans…until they didn’t. 

Trucks and used SUVs had been around for a long time — but most families weren’t looking for something too truck-like. They wanted the muscle of a truck and the roomy seating of a minivan but in a cool, comfortable, and capable package. America’s love affair with the SUV began in the late 80s and it hasn’t shown any sign of cooling down since. 

Used SUVs offer exceptional value and can move your family in comfort and safety. But how do you find the right used SUV for your family? Read on for the answers! 

Finding the Right Used SUV for Your Family

If you want or need a family SUV, your next step should be narrowing down your priorities. What’s motivating you to shop for a used SUV for the fam? Do you need more seating or more cargo space? Maybe both? Do you need third-row seating? 

Is performance or gas mileage more important to you? How important is sporty handling to you? Do you expect to tow with your SUV?  Knowing where you stand on each of these questions will make deciding on a used family SUV much easier. 

Not to worry though, as always — Major World’s got you. We put this article together to help you narrow down your options and dial in on the best used SUV for you and your family. Bear in mind that coming down for a visit to our used SUV showcase and kicking some tires is always the best way to decide. 

When deciding on a used SUV for your family, consider what’s most important to you:

  • Cargo room or passenger room?
  • Gas mileage or performance?
  • More size or easier parking?
  • Comfy ride or handling? 

Why You Should Buy a Used SUV for Your Family

Why is buying a used SUV for your family the smartest choice in 2024? It’s pretty simple. New vehicle prices are up almost 30% over pre-COVID pricing thanks to inflation and supply chain problems. There’s no sign of new SUV prices coming down anytime soon — in the meantime, pre-owned and used SUVs remain an outstanding value, as they’ve always been. 

When you buy a used SUV from Major World — someone else has already taken the depreciation hit. That saves you thousands if not TENS of thousands of dollars. Not only that, you also get the peace of mind that comes only from buying a Major World used vehicle. 

Unlike buying used from an ordinary car dealer in Long Island or some guy — Major World vehicles all undergo our rigorous quality control inspection before they are approved to be sold on our lot. You get a low-mileage SUV with all the sensibility at a price that makes good sense. 

Buying a used SUV for the fam makes sense because:

  • New SUV prices are up by 30% in just the last 4 years.
  • A lot of the depreciation happens in just the first 2 years — you can have almost new for a lot less dough. 

Our Preferred Full-Size SUVs for Families 

For Maximum Space for People and Cargo:

Cadillac Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Suburban

The Escalade ESV has long been the standard-bearer for large luxury SUVs with 3-row seating. The Escalade is the choice of everyone from A-list celebrities to heads of state. The  Escalade’s two stable mates, the Chevy Suburban and Tahoe are sensible alternatives if you need the room and the brawn without every single bell and whistle (they still come very well-equipped though).

Why we love the Escalade, Tahoe, and Suburban:

  • Powerful standard V8 engines. 
  • They carry 7-8 adults with ease.
  • Cavernous cargo room for all the toys.
  • Rugged body-on-frame design makes towing a breeze.

Also seeFord Expedition and Expedition Max

For Performance and Handling: 

BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS

The BMW X7 takes the cake for best handling and best performing full-size SUV in our opinion. If you need to size and room of a good used SUV — but refuse to give up driving like a bit of a nutcase sometimes, the BMW X7 is your SUV. You get available 3-row seating in a true-luxury SUV that’s born and bred for the Autobahn. What’s not to like about that? This thing carves through LIE traffic like a scalpel and gets the kids and their gear to lacrosse. The Merc GLS is a very close second place though. It has powerful engine options and sharp handling in its own right.

Our Favorite Mid-Sized SUVs for Families

For Value and Roominess: 

Chevrolet Traverse: An Exceptional Family SUV Value

The Chevy Traverse has long been one of our favorite used family SUVs here at Major World. It’s often overlooked for its more popular competitor, the Ford Explorer — but don’t sleep on the Traverse. It brings a lot to the table for a family who needs a spacious SUV at an excellent price. 

It has standard 3rd-row seating for 8 people, a best-in-class cargo room that rivals some full-size SUVs, and a standard V6 when many mid-sizers are offering only a 4-cylinder. Also, don’t miss out on the GMC Acadia — it’s the same SUV with a sharper look and some extras. 

What makes the Chevy Traverse a great used SUV for your family:

  • Best-in-class cargo volume of 98 cubic feet.
  • Standard 3-row seating for up to 8 passengers.
  • Chevrolet’s full suite of standard safety features. 
  • The same 3.6-liter V6 used in Cadillac models is standard equipment. 

For Performance and Handling: 

BMW X5, Acura MDX, or Volkswagen Atlas

If you need a good used mid-sized SUV for the family but want to hold onto some fun-to-drive character, the BMW X5 and Acura MDX are great choices. The BMW X5 drives a lot more like a BMW 5-series sedan than it does a crossover. The Acura MDX is pretty damn agile at slicing through traffic too.  The Volkswagen Atlas is also a worthy runner-up in that category that can often be found for a competitive price at Major World. You still get utility and room with these vehicles, but they offer more nimble handling than the Traverse/Acadia. 

The Compact Family SUVs We Like Most

For Practicality and Purposefulness:

Honda CR-V and CR-V Hybrid

Believe it or not, this was our toughest category to decide on. The competition in the compact SUV space is ferocious. There are at least 4 or 5 small SUVs that could have won this slot in our lineup — but in the end, we gave it to the Honda CR-V. We think the CR-V has the best combination of practical features from the foldaway Magic Seats to the optional hybrid powertrain. Even if you don’t get the CR-V Hybrid, the regular model sips gas while still delivering plenty of scoot off the line. 

Why we like the Honda CR-V and CR-V Hybrid so much:

  • Super practical interior that makes the most of the space (Magic Seats!)
  • Best-in-class fuel economy, even in the non-hybrid models. 
  • Good performance, especially in the 1.5 turbo models. 
  • Strong safety scores from both NHTSA and IIHS. 

For Sportiness and Fun Driving:

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is our choice here. If you need a compact SUV, but you want that solid German feel and athletic handling, the Tiguan is a superb choice that won’t break the bank. The VW Tiguan is a solid compact family SUV that’s safe and sensible without being a bore to drive. If you’ve ever owned a Golf or Jetta, you know how good VW is at building a fun-to-drive vehicle that feels like it costs about twice as much as it actually did. The VW Tiguan is a small SUV that lives up to that promise. 

Also see: BMW X3, Audi Q3, Acura RDX  

Major World for Major Savings on Your Family’s Next SUV

More people buy their used SUVs at Major World every year for one simple reason. Value. We know a lot of us are doing some belt-tightening with new vehicle prices shooting through the roof. That’s why checking out Major World’s outstanding used SUV inventory makes more sense than ever.

Let some other guy take the 20-40% depreciation hit on the SUV you want — then slide into Major World and pick it up with low mileage, buffed up, and ready to go for a price that’ll make you smile all the way home. 

Check out our unparalleled stock of used SUVs through our online search portal. Our easy, no-BS financing process is second to none. You can even start it right now and it won’t ding your credit, so you’ve got no excuse not to! 

Don’t settle for less than the very best used SUV dealership in Long Island. You deserve the Major World standard of customer care. Give us a call now at (866) 614-2884.

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