How to Get the Most Money for Your Trade-In Vehicle

So, you’re ready to upgrade to a newer/bigger/better/faster vehicle. But what about the one you’re driving now? How do you make sure you get the most money you can out of your used SUV trade-in? What you get in trade can help make a real difference in what you pay for your next car or truck.

Get tips from vehicle trade-in experts to ensure YOU get the most possible money for your trade-in vehicle in this Major World article! 

Buying a new car. The buyer and seller enter into an agreement to buy or lease a car.

What to Think About Before You Trade In Your Car or Truck

Here are some factors to consider when preparing your vehicle for a trade-in:

Clean Your Vehicle

A clean used car makes a good impression. No one wants to see the fossilized McDonald’s fries stuck under your seat. If you’re trading your vehicle into a dealership like Major World, they will be detailing it after inspection anyway, but it helps to show up with a clean used car or truck. If you’re selling it privately, spend the money to get it professionally detailed. Unless it’s a real beater, the detailing will pay for itself in a higher sale price. 

Do Maintenance and Have Your Records

Keeping up with routine maintenance and oil changes increases the value of your vehicle. It’s a fact. Here at Major World, we pay top dollar for trade-in vehicles with a complete maintenance history because we’re very picky about what will sell on our lot. Private buyers also like to see maintenance records if you sell your used SUV or minivan yourself. 

Get Repairs Done Properly

Minor repairs can sometimes increase the trade-in value more than the cost of the repair itself. Evaluate whether it’s worth fixing any minor issues — but only if it will be done well. If you can pop out a door ding on your own like it was never there, do it. If not, then hire a pro. A shoddy repair job will hurt you more than help you. 

Vehicle Documentation

Keep all maintenance records and receipts. They can prove that the car has been well-maintained and that there’s nothing costly coming around the corner, like a timing belt change. If you’re selling your car privately, having a CARFAX Report already done will give your prospective buyers extra peace of mind and can get you more money. 


Should I Trade My Vehicle In or Sell It Myself?

The truth is you can get more money if you sell your car privately sometimes — but it can also be a real pain in the ass honestly.  If you have a vehicle that’s not too old, has way under 100k miles, and is in good condition — that’s a vehicle we may be able to sell on our lot and that means we can give you a lot more for your trade-in. 

A good rule is, if your vehicle looks like something you might see on our lot — it’ll probably be a good trade-in that we can give you a nice credit towards your next vehicle on. 

On the other hand, if you’re vehicle has over 100k miles or if you have something unusual that has a little cult following, like say… a 1982 Saab 900 in mint condition or something — don’t bring it to a dealership. We’ll have to send it to auction which means we can’t give you nearly as much as a true Saab enthusiast will. 


Can You Trade In a Vehicle You’re Still Making Payments On?

Yup! This is one of the advantages of trading in a relatively new used car at the dealership in fact. If you have a 2020 or 21 you’re still making payments on, for example — it’s easy for you to trade it in with Major World for credit toward a used SUV, truck, or car in our inventory. Selling it privately where someone else will have to take over your payments is usually more trouble than it’s worth. 

What if I’m ‘Upside Down’ in My Current Car Loan?

Not a problem. If you owe more on the loan than the trade-in value of your existing vehicle — we can just roll the difference into your new loan for your Major World vehicle. Or, if you choose, you can just pay the difference. Either way, Major World makes it easy.


Get Top Value for Your Trade-In When You Car Shop at Major World

Major World is the home of the square deal when it comes to used SUVs, cars, and trucks. That extends to our trade-in policies as well. Bring your low-mileage, clean used vehicle here, even if you’re still making payments on it and we’ll beat just about any other dealer’s trade-in offer.

Find your dream vehicle in our online search portal before you visit. Our straightforward financing process is the best around. You can even pre-qualify for financing right now to save time and it won’t hurt your credit. 

Don’t settle for less than the very best used vehicle dealership in Long Island. You deserve the Major World standard of customer care. Give us a call now at (866) 614-2884.

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