How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

If you’re like many Queens drivers, you’re likely wondering what steps you can take to be more fuel efficient as you’re driving. If you’re searching for fuel efficient driving habits, you’ve come to the right place! Major World is here by your side to help you discover a host of ways that you can save fuel while driving on hills and in the stop-and-go traffic you encounter every day. If you’re looking for your next pre-owned vehicle to help you save at the pump, check out our Manager’s Specials and complete a pre-approval to ensure that you’re all set to begin getting behind the wheel!

Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

You’re most likely looking to cut down on the costs of your commutes around Brooklyn and those weekend joyrides. If so, we have 5 fuel-efficient driving habits you can take advantage of as your answer to how to save fuel while driving on hills and how to be fuel-efficient in that downtown traffic:

  1. Accelerate Gently: Accelerating too vigorously can cause unnecessary engine gas combustion.
  2. Plan for Traffic: A solid way to save money in stop-and-go traffic is to completely avoid it by planning to avoid bottlenecks and rush hour traffic.
  3. Avoid Speeding: The best range for fuel economy is between 55 mph and 65 mph, so keeping your speeds down can go a long way in helping you save money.
  4. Roll to a Stop: Your engine works harder when you apply the brakes to adjust your stopping power. When you roll to a stop rather than braking hard, you save fuel.
  5. Limit Air Conditioning Use: Air conditioning increases your vehicle’s fuel usage by 20%. Try using your a/c briefly, along with the recirculation feature in your vehicle to recycle cold air in the cabin.

Discover a Fuel-Efficient Car for Sale at Major World!

Are you tired of the fuel that your old truck or SUV consumes around Bronx? We have just the options for you. We recommend a pre-owned sedan to conserve fuel. A sedan, coupled with our tips on how to save fuel when driving on hills and fuel-efficient driving habits, will get you well on your way to saving at the pump. Contact us today for more information, service tips and tricks, or to arrange a test drive!

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