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Ahh, the good life. The crisp pleats of a tailored Armani suit, the sharp staccato of Prada pumps on a marble floor, the sun reflecting off the face of that shiny Rolex. If you have a luxury lifestyle, you have a deep appreciation for the finer things. For most, a luxury vehicle is at the very top of that list of finer things. Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like pulling up to your next business luncheon in a stately Bentley or sporty Ferrari. Just in case you’re on the fence, we’ve got a few reasons why buying a luxury car is a perfect fit for you.


Don’t try to deny it. You want the recognition and respect that goes along with being seen behind the wheel of a Jaguar or Aston Martin. The simple fact is that luxury cars turn heads, open doors, and part velvet curtains.


With few exceptions, luxury cars offer more safety features and better crash-test results than non-luxury vehicles. Forty-four percent of the vehicles chosen as top safety picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have a price tag of more than $30,000.

Resale Value

Eight out of 15 picks by Kelley Blue Book for best in class resale value are luxury-brand vehicles at a price point over $30,000. High luxury equals high quality, and high quality holds its value well.

Unmatched Technology

Want the latest and greatest features and options? Year after year, luxury cars continue to offer new and innovative technology and entertainment features long before the more humble mainstream cars.

Unlimited Potential

Not quite satisfied with having the same model as your annoying neighbor, Bob? Luxury vehicle makers invite their buyers to actively participate in the customization of each unique vehicle. Personal consultants work tirelessly to incorporate preferences such as exterior paint color, interior trims and woods, monogramed seats, specialized aluminum or leather gear levers, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

When it comes to your lifestyle, you refuse to settle for mediocrity. Why settle for a mediocre car? Match your luxury lifestyle with a New or Used Luxury Car. Come and visit our Queens Used Car Dealership for great deals today!

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