Why Buy Used? Here are Five Important Reasons

  1. will tell you, picking up a pre-owned model means paying a lower down payment and lower monthly payments. You should also save on registration fees and insurance.
  2. Get More Car for Your Money: Since used cars cost less than new ones, you have options to upgrade that you wouldn’t with a new model. You can end up driving a better model around Queens and Brooklyn than you could afford new or pick up a more exclusive trim level to make the most of your daily Bronx commute.
  3. Avoid Steep Depreciation: Owning a new vehicle might sound attractive, but keep in mind they lose on average 50% of their value within three years of rolling off the lot. You could still be making payments on a $20,000 car when it’s only worth $10,000. Used models still depreciate, but they do so steadily.
  4. Greater Variety: Buying used means choosing between different model years as well as different vehicles and trims, including many lines that are no longer made. You can also take advantage of certified pre-owned vehicles with tempting incentives.
  5. Better Reliability Than You Think: You probably think buying used means rolling the dice when it comes to reliability – it’s the most common used car sticking point. Just keep in mind that times have changed. Modern vehicles are made to last, so even used models with plenty of miles on the clock can be trusted for years to come.

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