How to Negotiate a Used Car Deal

You want to get the fairest price, but maybe you’re unsure of the process of negotiating a car price. We dive into how to negotiate used car prices, so you can buy your next used car with confidence and save some money in the process at our car dealership.

Discover the Value of Your Preferred Vehicle

It’s important to research the vehicles you’re considering buying., Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book are great resources for learning what a fair price is for the model you’re looking at. You can also discover what other shoppers in your area have paid for a similar one. Mileage, condition, features, and packages will also determine the car’s value. Regardless, having the actual value of your vehicle in your back pocket will work to your advantage.

Be ready to answer questions about your monthly budget. The full price of a vehicle can go over your head if you think of your vehicle as just a monthly payment. If you’re not happy with the price (in full), you can use your knowledge of the car’s market value in negotiating a car price. At Major World, we suggest that Bronx shoppers ask questions and do research, that way you can find the perfect vehicle for your budget and needs!

Negotiating a Car Price: Ask for a Lower Price

If you don’t like the price you were originally offered, what do you do? You’ll want to find a polite and informed way of asking for a better price.

Once you’ve been told the cost of the vehicle you’re asking for, you can say something like, “I’ve researched this car’s market value, and I know how much shoppers typically pay for a car like this one. If you can give me a better deal than this one (hand over a copy of the lowest sales price you’ve found, or a printout of a similar listing at a local dealership), I would buy the car today”.

This approach shows that you’ve done your homework, and know what you’re talking about, and the salesperson will usually have the flexibility to work with you at this point.

How to Negotiate a Used Car: Explore Our Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials

You can get a good quality used car by keeping an eye on our used car specials. They are aimed at making the shopping process easier for Brooklyn shoppers. Explore our current pre-owned vehicle offers, and feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Additional Tips on How to Negotiate Used Car Prices

Your personality will affect how you negotiate. There is one thing that is true no matter your personality: you need to research. Keep the following tips in mind to help you learn how to negotiate a used car:

  • Facts are your best friend — conversations should be light, but direct.
  • If a salesperson makes you feel uncomfortable or attempts to strongarm you, simply walk away.
  • Don’t rush, especially when it comes to discussing numbers. Write down the price you’re offering and have your printouts ready.
  • Don’t get into a negotiation if you’re not ready. Be sure you’re equipped with the numbers and facts.
  • If you feel like you’re an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, and you’re not making any progress, it’s okay to leave.

Find Your Next Used Car at Major World

We hope to provide Long Island City drivers with a fair and simple car buying process. We want to work with you to get the best deal, and one that accommodates your lifestyle. Take the time to explore our current used cars for sale in Long Island City online?

Or Contact ustoschedule a test drive or start the buying process and utilize tips on how to negotiate used car prices. You can take the time to complete a finance application online to see how much you qualify for before you begin shopping.

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