What’s the Difference Between a Coupe & Sedan?

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There are many different coupe and sedan models for sale at %%di_name%% that drivers can choose from, but if you’re stuck trying to decide which vehicle model is right for your %%target_city_3%% commute, then you may be wondering what the difference is between a coupe and sedan. A good rule of thumb is that sedans have four doors, while coupes have two doors, but this isn’t always the case on newer models. Learn more about the differences between coupes vs. sedans with our team below, then browse our online inventory to find the right vehicle for your daily drives. 

Coupe vs. Sedan: Main Distinctions

There are many factors that will determine whether a vehicle is a coupe or a sedan. Aside from how many doors are present, the exterior styling, engine performance, interior size, and available cargo space will all give you clues as to whether a model you find in %%target_city_2%% is a coupe or a sedan. Read more about the coupe vs. sedan differences below:

  • Door Count: On most models you can count the number of doors a vehicle has and determine whether it’s a coupe or a sedan. Coupes have two doors, while sedans have four doors. However, there are some “coupe” models that offer four doors on select trim levels. 
  • Exterior Style: A coupe vehicle will have a shorter stature along with longer doors and longer rear windows, which gives it a sportier look. Sedans will emphasize luxury styling, and the shorter doors provide a balanced side profile. 
  • Performance: Coupes will often have a performance-focused engine thanks to their decreased size and weight – making them especially fun to drive on %%target_city_1%% roads. Sedans compensate for their larger weight and size with additional engine options, suspension upgrades, as well as higher fuel economy. 
  • Interior Size: Coupe models can typically seat two people comfortably, while sometimes coming with space for four people. Sedans typically offer seating for five, ample head and legroom, and more space for rear passengers than coupes. 
  • Cargo Space: What coupe models bring in performance they lack in cargo space. Typically, they have a very limited trunk space for small items. The larger size of a sedan gives them ample trunk space for luggage, groceries, and any other day-to-day equipment you may need. 

Sedan vs. Coupe: Which Model is for Me?

Now that you know the main differences between coupes and sedans, you may be wondering which model is right for you. If you frequently transport cargo, have a family, or are the go-to driver for your friends, then a sedan will have the space and performance you need for casual drives around %%target_city_3%% and your occasional weekend adventure. If you prefer sportier handling and are not concerned with cargo space, then a coupe model will give you the performance and styling you want in a new vehicle. 

Test Drive our Coupe & Sedan Models

When you’re ready to find the next sedan or coupe model for your daily drives, visit our %%di_city%% showroom to explore our inventory and take a test drive! While you’re here you can browse our vehicle specials, and you can apply for financing to start the car buying process. Stop by today. We look forward to putting you behind the wheel of a coupe or sedan model! 

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