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Value Your Trade

Are you in the market for a new-to-you vehicle for your Long Island City errands or commute? Finding the value of your current car can help you save when you go to purchase your next vehicle is a good idea. If you’re wondering “How do I trade in my car?” let the finance experts at Major World walk you through the process! Our car trade-in calculator is easy to use and will help you decide if you want to trade in your current vehicle or not. Have a question about our car loan trade-in process? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you or check out our cars online.

If you’re shopping for a new car or selling your car in Brooklyn and you find yourself asking “What is my car worth?” or “How do I trade-in my car?” Major World is here with the answers! Our handy pre-owned car trade-in calculator will find the approximate value of your current vehicle, then you can use this information to see how much you will save on your next vehicle purchase. When you bring your vehicle in for inspection at Major World, we can give you an exact value and help you apply that amount to your next vehicle. Follow the steps below to use our car trade-in calculator:

  • Enter your current vehicle’s year and make. Then specify which model it is and what its specifications are.
  • Enter your vehicle’s mileage and your Queens zip code.
  • Select any accessories or features your vehicle has.
  • Select the condition of your current vehicle.
  • Enter the information for the vehicle you’re planning to buy.
  • Enter your contact information of yourself or the potential buyers.

If you choose to trade in your car or truck to Major World, we’ll take care of the process from start to finish. Plus, your savings may help you upgrade to another trim level on your preferred model or get you another feature that you may have gone without beforehand. Trading in your vehicle has many benefits, you can learn them all when you schedule an appointment with our finance team.

After you use our pre-owned car trade-in calculator, you’ll know your trade-in price and trade-in offers! Read our car buying tips for more information on the car buying and auto loan process, then fill out our online credit application to get the car buying process started and save time at the dealership. We look forward to getting you back on the New York roads in one of our amazing models!