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BMW 7 -Series

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Long Island City BMW 7 Series | New York Preowned Car Dealer

Since it was established in the 1978 model year, the BMW 7 Series luxury sedan has remained steadfast. It’s the BMW flagship vehicle, and this full-size, rear-wheel-drive sedan has always represented the epitome of technology and elegance in the lineup. It is the obvious choice for knowledgeable buyers looking for a roomy and luxurious sedan, not to mention one whose reputation is impeccable. The 7 Series sedan’s competent handling dynamics and responsiveness have made it a breed unto itself, beginning with the early 733s and continuing on into the five present-day 7 Series models. While other manufacturers have traditionally built high-end sedans with peaceful rides, BMW engineers its 7s to interact with their drivers, making it an emotional experience as well as a physical one. So although the 7 Series has gained a few competitors in this space, it remains the perfect luxury sedan for people who love the driving experience.

The first-generation BMW 7 Series was so popular it lasted for 9 years. The inaugural vehicle was the largest sedan the company had ever manufactured and was targeted at a specific car, the Mercedes S-Class. All 7s during this time had an inline six-cylinder engine under the hood. The second-generation BMW 7 Series, available from 1988-’94, was strikingly similar in style in focus; but this 7 Series allowed a choice between regular- and long-wheelbase models. The latter option greatly increased legroom in the rear seats. The third-generation 7 Series, sold from 1995-2001, is generally regarded as the apex of the model’s history. With a svelte and classic body, it was regarded as an authentic driver’s car. Although it had a less in-cabin technology, it simply allowed the driver to enjoy the road without distraction.

2002-‘2008 saw the most radical version of the brand. Traditional exterior styling was replaced with a more confident, avant-garde design. The car was still recognizable as a 7 Series, but many purists were a bit put off; a refresh in 2006 smoothed out some of the lines – and the ruffled feathers. The forward-thinking exterior design of this generation seeped into the cabin, where BMW’s typically button-heavy layout was traded for an inclusive system called iDrive. The new system controlled climate, audio and navigation functions via a single dial and a central display. All in all, the 2002-2008 BMW 7 Series proved quite popular, due to its exceptional driving experience.

The current generation 7 Series has been prevailing since 2009. Compared to the edgy previous model, its styling is considerably more reserved, with tighter bodywork and a conventional interior and trunk design. Turbocharged engines are now standard for BMW’s most popular sedan. There have been a handful of notable changes during the current 7 Series’ production run. In its first year, only a 750i or 750Li trim with the rear-wheel drive was available. The 760Li arrived for 2010, while the 740i debuted the following year, becoming the first six-cylinder 7 Series in two decades. For 2013, the 750’s twin-turbo V8 was upgraded from its original output (400 hp, 450 lb-ft) to current levels, while the 740 received a new inline-6 with a single turbocharger in place of the original twin-turbo engine.

The 7 Series continues to innovate and improve, but one thing remains consistent. BMW’s landmark luxury sedan is a perennial favorite amongst experts and drivers alike, and pre-owned quality 7 Series vehicles hold just as much prestige and excitement as they ever did. Come into our Long Island City used car dealer today to see for yourself why this car has such a following. We are conveniently located in Queens, NY!

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